Fast, Professional Design Without the Hassle.

Fast, Professional Design Without the Hassle.

day rate services

Day Rates are an opportunity for you to book a professional graphic designer for a day of work. It gives us the opportunity to tackle some of those design projects you’ve had on your list that you just don’t want to do alone. With over five years of design experience, we are efficient and professional, which means we will definitely be crossing things off your to-do list and getting you back to doing what you do best: running your business!

The Perks of a Professional Designer Without the Wait.

Possible day rate projects

• Print and Digital PDF/Handouts
• Client Experience Workshops
• Social Media Templates
• Workbook Development and Design
• Banners and Signage
• Brand Photography Creative Direction
• Package Design.... AND MORE

what are day rates?

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About Audra's Experience 

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Complete Projects That Have Been On Your List For Months.


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Setting the Expectations

what is expected of you to maximize time:

• You complete all of the preliminary homework and upload all necessary documents at least 48 hours before your scheduled day.

• You proof all copy BEFORE you submit it to me.

• You are present and available on your scheduled day to answer questions and approve drafts.

• You take time thoroughly reviewing the drafts I send to you and send over feedback in a timely manner.

What should i expect?

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What you can expect from us:

• We will only work on YOUR projects from 10am-3pm on the scheduled day.

• We will update you on the progress of the project and contact you immediately should we need something.

• We will clearly communicate the design choices and listen to your feedback.

• We will show up excited and ready to work!

Actually get projects crossed off your list. 

Avoid the typical back and forth revision process for your projects.  

Eliminate extended deadlines that leave you wondering when you'll get your project in hand.

Quick turnaround times so you can keep moving your business forward.

A streamlined process that allows us to get as much done as possible in your selected day.

You get the eyes and hands of a professional designer on your projects without having to add them to your payroll. 

Day Rate Benefits:

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How does it work?

Simple! You choose a day from my calendar that works best for you. Once you pay to book the day we will have an onboarding call to plan what we will work on during your scheduled day. Then, when the day comes, your projects that we talked about get our undivided attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we don’t get everything done on my scheduled day?

Due to factors out of our control (e.g. not receiving the materials from you that I need, delays in responses, multiple revisions, etc.) we cannot guarantee that we will complete everything on your list by the end of our time together. We can guarantee that you will get our undivided attention for your chosen day and if we don’t complete everything we can always book a half day to wrap it all up.

Can I book more than one day?

You sure can! Though, if this is your first time, we recommend booking one day at a time.

What do I need to do on my day?

In order for everything to run smoothly and for us to get as much done as we can, we ask that you be available and keep an eye on your email inbox. Any questions we have or drafts we need you to review will be sent there. The faster you respond, the more we can get done on your scheduled day.

What will communication be like during the project?

During your project, communication will take place over email and scheduled Zoom calls. To ensure that we get the most out of your day, we ask that you be present and available for communication the full day you have me booked.

I'm ready to go! How do we get started?

Easy! Click the "book my day" button below to pay your deposit and secure your day. 

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Download our Day Rate Client Experience Guide for a full breakdown of what to expect from a VIP Day.


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