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Hunter founded Verdure Design Co. in 2020 with the intention of bringing a human-centered approach to branding and graphic design. Her degrees in both English and Sociology have equipped her with the tools she needs to get into the minds of your customers and create a brand that speaks directly to them. Paired with over a decade of illustration experience and over 5 years of design experience, Hunter has been able to create brands that tell stories and breathe life into the businesses they embody.   

Bridging the Gender Gap One Woman-Owned Business at a Time.

Over the years, we've realized that a brand can make or break a business. Businesses that have professionally developed brands show up more confidently, build more trust with their audience, and ultimately make more money. Why is this significant? Well, when paired with the statistic that women entrepreneurs on average make only half of what their male counterparts do, we knew exactly what we could do to start to shift those numbers. 

While we work with both men and women, Verdure Design Co. aims to offer high-end, professional design to women-owned businesses in particular, who are ready to step into their power and show up with a competitive edge. 

our mission

Hunter founded Verdure Design Co. on the belief that your brand is an opportunity to tell a story and a story is an opportunity to make a difference. With over 10 years of illustration experience and over 5 years of design experience, Hunter is putting her talent and skills to use dismantling the patriarchy one woman-owned business at a time. When she isn't designing for clients, she is likely munching on a snack, caring for her plants, hamming it up on a karaoke stage, or starting a new passion project of her own. 

founding creative director, lead designer

Hunter Myers

Trixie has played a key supporting role in the success of Verdure Design Co. Spending her days napping in the sun and offering the occasional emotional support when needed, Trixie has spearheaded the Puppy Relations Department of VDC and aims to make her role more apparent to the public as time goes on. When she isn't napping in the office you can find her rolling in the dirt, sunbathing near a window, chewing on a bone, or begging for a treat. 

Chief emotional officer


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