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Brand Strategy and Design for Businesses that are Kicking "Normal" to the Curb

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Tailored Designs for the Neurodiverse Mind

We understand the challenges you face—your brilliant ideas, unbounded creativity, and relentless passion can often be hindered by conventional design processes that fail to appreciate your unique strengths. That's why we've crafted a design approach that celebrates your neurodiversity and channels it into powerful visual solutions. Founded by a personality-filled ADHD entrepreneur, Verdure Design Co. specializes in creating designs that cater to your distinct thinking patterns, ensuring your brand reflects who you truly are.

We believe that your entrepreneurial journey is more than just a business endeavor; it's an expression of your exceptional and unique take on the world. As a graphic design and branding studio specifically catering to ADHD and neurodivergent entrepreneurs, we're here to embrace your extraordinary vision and transform it into a compelling brand identity that resonates with your audience.

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The perfect start to your Branding journey. Nail down your audience, competitors, solutions, and more.

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Brand Design for businesses that are ready to turn up the heat. Everything you need in one place.

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Managing your business while juggling the demands of ADHD or being neurodivergent can feel overwhelming. We're here to alleviate that burden. Our studio excels at simplifying the complex, taking intricate concepts and transforming them into visually captivating designs. Whether it's developing your brand strategy, designing your logo, or crafting engaging marketing collateral, we'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring your vision shines through while minimizing stress and confusion.

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“After working with Hunter for over 5+ years on various projects, it is safe to say she is a professional designer with a killer instinct for visual communication.”

Julia Terbrock

“Hunter has the unique ability to listen to what the customer’s goals and visions are, filter them and then turn it into a picture unlike anyone else.”

Tim Kintz

“Hunter has given me even more vision for my business than I could have imagined.”

Andrea Kidwell

“[Hunter is] productive, speedy-efficient, and insanely creative! My brand has never looked so professional! She really LISTENED to me and my goals for my business. I highly recommend her!”

Dori Durbin

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