If I Asked You To Tell Me Who Your Ideal Romantic Partner Was, Could You Do It? 

Building a relationship between your buyers and your brand is no different than building a romantic relationship. You need compatibility; you need trust; and you need understanding. People want to buy from brands they connect with.

How do you build that connection? You "date" your customers. 


What if I asked you to tell me who your ideal client/customer was? Could you be as thorough in your answer?

Access the FREE How To "Date" Your Customers Mini-Course

Ready to start taking your Brand/Buyer relationship more seriously? That process starts with nailing down your ideal client/customer.

In this FREE mini-course, I will teach you:

• The kind of buyer "dating" profile you need to create in order to develop and strong brand and marketing strategy down the line
• The difference between demographics and psychographics and how they apply to your buyer profiles
• The three MOST IMPORTANT categories of psychographics you need to gather for your ideal buyers
• How to conduct market research to ensure the answers you come up with are accurate and applicable
• How to create your own buyer "dating" profile for each of your buyer types, with an easy-to-use, pre-made template


Let's take your brand and buyer relationship to the next level!


Hunter founded Verdure Design Co. in 2020 with the intention of bringing a human-centered approach to branding and graphic design. Her degrees in both English and Sociology have equipped her with the tools she needs to get into the minds of your customers and create a brand that speaks directly to them. Paired with over a decade of illustration experience and over 6 years of design experience, Hunter has been able to create brands that tell stories and breathe life into the businesses they embody.

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What's Inside

The course consists of 9 chapters that break the process down into actionable steps without becoming overwhelming.

9 chapters

Go even deeper in your learning with a 25 page workbook that includes activities and additional information that expands on the topics.

supplementary workbook

At the end of your workbook you will find 3 Buyer "Dating" profile templates that you can fill out for each of your different buyer types.

3 "Dating" Profile Templates

ready to commit to your buyers?

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