Not For Everyone Podcast Brand-In-A-Day

December 7, 2022

What is a Brand-In-A-Day?

Simple. At Verdure Design Co. we offer a quick solution for creating high quality brands fast. Our Brand-In-A-Day service allows us to work with clients who have tighter budgets and tighter timelines. We develop new logos, brand guidelines, and collateral for these clients over the course of a single day. 

About the Not For Everyone Podcast

Jess originally approached us to do the rebranding for her podcast Peaking. But she and Caroline were becoming co-hosts and wound up wanting to develop a new podcast altogether: thus the emergence of Not For Everyone. This podcast is geared towards millennial women who are searching for a relatable podcast that says what many people are thinking but not saying. 

The Podcast’s Moodboard

The moodboard development is the first part of the Brand-In-A-Day process. Prior to the scheduled design day we create three different moodboards based on the client questionnaires and inspiration boards that were put together the week before designing. Jess and Caroline chose to go with this board for its bold contrasting colors and mature yet playful vibe. 

We used this moodboard to influence the color selection. 

The Podcast’s Typography

Since the podcast was geared towards millennial women, we selected a typeface that had a nostalgic eighties feel to it. The curvature of the letters was enough to feel funky without being too retro. Pairing this serif font with a lighter weight sans serif body font created a clean balance that was both legible and approachable. 

The Podcast’s Logos

It’s important for every brand to have a suite of logos, but this is especially crucial for a podcast. The logo will show up in various places (the podcast cover, the website, event SWAG, social media and more) which is why creating a diverse suite of logos that can fit and be legible in multiple sizes and locations is key.

We created five different logos during our day together. The primary logo that included the podcast title and hosts names, a simplified version without the hosts names, a secondary logo for more square shaped applications, and two different submarks for social media images and badges.

The Podcast Cover

Podcasts like Not For Everyone do best when photos of the hosts are on the podcast covers. Using the brand colors, Jess and Caroline selected outfits and hired a photographer to capture some portraits. From five possible options, this is the version we chose to move forward with. 

What Jess and Caroline Had to Say About the Process

“We could not have made the vision for our brand come to life without Hunter. She is super positive, responsive, and collaborative – asking the right questions and working efficiently on our brand assets to gauge our reactions and push us to make everything come together in a crisp and cohesive way. I am so appreciative of both the Brand-in-a-Day session we had with her, as well as some of the follow-up support she provided in tweaking and finalizing certain pieces for us. We will definitely be continuing to work with her as future needs pop up! Can’t recommend enough.”

Are You Looking For Branding?

If so, consider booking one of our Brand-In-A-Days. Get a custom, high quality brand fast!

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