Give potential clients all the information they need to make signing up to work with you a no brainer! This ready to edit Canva Template is the same one I use in my business to land 4-figure clients

THE Features

Client Experience Guide

01. About: Connect with your prospective clients by sharing your business story. People buy from people they feel emotionally connected to.

02. Services: Break down what your services are, a menu of options, and your packages.

03. The Process: Tell your prospective clients what the process of working with you is like. Give them clarity on what to expect if they sign up to work with you.

04. Project Timeline: Show a basic timeline for the project so your prospective clients know how long your project will take.

05. Case Study: Don't just tell them about your success, show them. Case studies are a great way to show prospective clients what happens when they work with you.

06. F.A.Q.: Answer some of your most frequently asked questions to make saying yes to working with you super easy.

07. Testimonials: Let your past clients help you sell your services with a list of stellar testimonials.

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