Make onboarding super easy with this ready to edit, Canva templated Welcome Guide. This is the exact guide I use in my business to set the stage for my incoming clients. 

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Welcome Guide Template

01. Welcome Message: Share a nice welcome message with your new clients, thanking them and building excitement about the process of working with you.

02. Timeline: Break down your project timeline week by week to make your clients comfortable about each step of your process.

03. Culture: Tell your new clients about how you communicate, when your office hours are, and more.

04. Expectations: Set the expectations for the project moving forward, including important things like rescheduling or cancelling meetings.

05. F.A.Q.: Answer some of your most frequently asked questions to ease any of your client's nerves.

06. Next Steps: Link your intake form and onboarding call scheduler so your client can seamlessly move through the next steps of your Client Experience all from one place. 

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