Learning to Pivot with Stylist Jennifer Mackey-Mary

May 1, 2024

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Jennifer Mackey-Mary’s path to entrepreneurship was not a linear one. Rooted in childhood games of playing “business” with her sister, Jennifer’s journey meandered through corporate training and fashion before finding her true calling in the world of styling and fashion consulting. Her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when she hosted a friend’s jewelry party, realizing the potential to offer women more than just jewelry sales—she could help them feel confident and empowered through personalized styling.

Starting her venture with a modest $100 and boundless determination, Jennifer initially offered in-person styling services. As she navigated the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Jennifer recognized the limitations of this model and pivoted towards digital capsule wardrobe guides, a novel approach that resonated with women seeking fashion advice beyond traditional shopping experiences.

Jennifer’s success story underscores the importance of embracing opportunities and leveraging unique talents. Despite lacking a grand vision, Jennifer’s openness to possibilities and relentless pursuit of solutions propelled her towards building a thriving business. She emphasizes the significance of maintaining a clear vision and learning to say “no” to distractions that deviate from core goals—an invaluable lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Navigating Setbacks and Embracing Authenticity

Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey was characterized by significant trial and error. She candidly shares her experience of navigating challenges, from grappling with the follow-through of testing new ventures to confronting negative feedback. Recognizing her strengths and weaknesses, Jennifer prioritized protecting her energy and focus by outsourcing tasks that didn’t align with her zone of genius, starting with customer service.

The transformative power of exceptional customer service became evident in Jennifer’s approach to business. She turned dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates through authenticity, admitting mistakes openly, and swiftly rectifying issues. By focusing on her strengths and outsourcing draining tasks, Jennifer navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, leveraging setbacks as opportunities for growth and improved customer relationships.

Championing Ethics and Value in Online Business

Jennifer’s insights extend beyond personal experiences to highlight broader ethical considerations within the online business space. She raises concerns about individuals falsely claiming expertise, leading to wasted resources and distrust among clients. Jennifer advocates for a shift towards ethical practices, emphasizing transparency, understanding, and genuine value delivery as cornerstones of successful entrepreneurship.

In B2B interactions, Jennifer stresses the importance of guiding clients through processes and ensuring they comprehend the value received. She calls for ethical conversations within business interactions, where clarity, honesty, and integrity reign supreme. Jennifer believes that fostering a culture of ethical conduct and genuine expertise can empower businesses to build trust, forge stronger relationships, and thrive amidst competitive landscapes.


Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey epitomizes the power of authenticity, resilience, and prioritizing value in business. Her story serves as a guiding beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of embracing unique talents, learning from setbacks, and championing ethics in a dynamic online business environment. By sharing her experiences and advocating for transparent, value-driven practices, Jennifer inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs to navigate challenges with integrity and purpose, ultimately paving the way for sustainable success in the digital age.

Connect with Jennifer at: youreverydaystyle.com

Listen to her podcast at: https://youreverydaystyle.com/podcast/

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