Leveraging a Layoff with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Alyssa Hariprashad

May 1, 2024

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In the realm of healthcare entrepreneurship, Alyssa Hariprashad’s journey stands as a testament to resilience and determination. As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist based in Manhattan, Alyssa’s path to entrepreneurship began about a year and a half ago. It was fueled by her passion for pelvic health and a keen awareness of the unmet needs in this specialized field of therapy.

Discovering a Passion for Pelvic Health

Alyssa’s interest in pelvic health blossomed during her physical therapy school days when a professor encouraged her to explore this niche area. Intrigued by the intimacy and unique challenges of pelvic floor therapy, Alyssa discovered a passion that would shape her career trajectory.

Navigating the Pandemic Pivot

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges, including a layoff from her job in orthopedics and pelvic floor therapy. Rather than succumb to uncertainty, Alyssa saw an opportunity to channel her expertise and enthusiasm into something tangible. She started the Pelvic Floor Playbook blog and All Things Pelvic Podcast. Leveraging social media, she began educating and raising awareness about pelvic health, connecting with a growing audience and demonstrating the power of digital platforms in healthcare advocacy.

Balancing Employment with Entrepreneurship

Despite returning to a full-time job, Alyssa’s entrepreneurial aspirations continued to evolve. With the encouragement of supportive friends who had already embarked on their own entrepreneurial journeys, she gradually transitioned into running her own practice. Starting small—treating patients one day a week—Alyssa methodically expanded her schedule, balancing financial stability with her passion for patient care.

Navigating the Realities of Entrepreneurship

Alyssa’s journey underscores the importance of financial preparedness and strategic planning before diving into entrepreneurship. She openly discusses the behind-the-scenes challenges, including delayed insurance payments and financial instability, which are common hurdles for new business owners. Alyssa’s deliberate approach highlights the need to manage expectations and build a solid foundation before scaling up.

Insights on Entrepreneurial Realities

Alyssa offers a candid exploration of the less glamorous aspects of entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the need for transparency around the trade-offs and sacrifices inherent in building a business. Additionally, she advocates for a nuanced discussion about the journey to financial achievement. Alyssa shares personal anecdotes about her transition to self-employment, emphasizing the importance of understanding profit margins, investments, and overhead costs often overshadowed by the allure of entrepreneurship portrayed online.

Embracing Challenges and Seeking Support

Throughout her narrative, Alyssa stresses the critical balance between patient care and business management. She sheds light on the administrative and financial burdens that entrepreneurs face. She also advocates for setting boundaries, prioritizing mental health, and seeking mentorship within the entrepreneurial community. Alyssa’s emphasis on embracing discomfort, seeking mentorship, and fostering genuine connections draws attention to the human side of business ownership. She promotes transparency and community engagement in the pursuit of sustainable success.

Alyssa Hariprashad’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights into the realities of healthcare entrepreneurship and the importance of persistence, strategic planning, and a genuine commitment to making a difference. Her journey exemplifies the notion that entrepreneurship is not solely about the highlights but also about navigating challenges with resilience and determination.

Connect with Alyssa via email at: info@alyssadpt.com

Connect with Alyssa via Instagram at: @alyssa.hariprashad.dt

Alyssa’s Website: https://www.blossompelvichealth.com/

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