How to Identify Your Dream Clients: A Mini Workbook

June 5, 2020

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A free mini workbook: 7 questions to help you identify your dream clients

Learning how to identify your dream clients and then marketing directly to them is one of the biggest game changers for most businesses. I know for me, as a brand strategist, my designs kicked into high gear and became far more effective when I started designing to the dream client as opposed to the business owner.

Before we dive too much into that though, we should probably talk about what dream clients are. If you are getting started in your business chances are you are hearing this term talked about quite often. Dream clients, or sometimes referred to as ideal clients, are the people your product or service is made specifically for. They are the people who would come across your business and know exactly why they needed to work with YOU. This means, they are the people you want to be attracting and speaking to directly. 

When you know who your dream clients are, you are able to develop branding and marketing that resonates with them, thus building the relationships you need in order to serve them. The better you know your dream clients, the better you can craft and deliver your specific message, ultimately creating the best experience for the client in the process.

That’s why I have put together 7 of my favorite questions that I use with my own clients to help them figure out who their dream clients are. They’re the perfect start to defining the people you are EXCITED to work with. Click the link to get started identifying your own dream clients!

A free mini workbook: 7 questions to help you identify your dream clients

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