About Me and the Start of Verdure Design Co.

June 9, 2020

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A little about me. My name is Hunter and I’m a graphic designer living in the Midwest. If you had asked me previously if I thought I would be starting my own branding studio I would have laughed. Yet, here we are. 

So what stemmed this? What encouraged me to leave my 9-5 to pursue a business all my own? The biggest factor driving this shift was a serious desire for change. I felt as though I had stopped growing in my agency position. Sure, I was working with the best of the best in terms of thought leaders in our niche, but none of that was fulfilling to me. Part of that was perhaps that we weren’t really innovating anymore with regards to the design department, but most of that feeling stemmed from a misalignment in values. 

A majority of the clients we worked with were, dare I say it, wealthy older white men. And a lot of what we did was develop systems and content to make them wealthier. 

All of my side projects involved creating some kind of empowering platform for the women in my life. That is what moved me. So, when the opportunity arose to leave my job, no questions asked, I took it to pursue what gets me up in the morning… helping other women find confidence in themselves. 

I wasn’t doing that at my 9-5. Instead, I was counting down the hours during the day until I could work on the projects that I felt were actually making a difference. Well now, my “9-5” is making that difference. Verdure Design Co. is founded on the belief that the best way to create change is to align your skills with your passion and then pursue like crazy. That’s what I do here and what I strive to help my clients do as well. 

I have combined my love of visual communication, problem solving, and asking questions with my passion for women empowerment and growth to create a branding studio specifically designed to bridge the gender gap within the business sphere. 

With Verdure Design Co. I am able to help other women entrepreneurs develop brands that tell their story, resonate with their clients, and guide them towards achieving their goals. With Verdure Design Co. I feel like I am finally making a difference.

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