5 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

July 15, 2020

5 Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Business

Branding isn’t forever. In an ideal world, we would be able to do our branding once and attract the right kind of people by conveying the right kind of message. But this is the real world, which means circumstances change, our business grow, we don’t always hit the nail on the head the first time around, and so on. That’s where rebranding comes in. 

Sometimes our brands no longer serve us the way we want them to. When this happens, it means it’s time for a rebrand. To help you figure out if it is time for you to look into rebranding, I’ve pulled together five of the common signs that your business could use a rebrand.

1. You are getting clients, but they aren’t the clients you want to be working with.

This is one of the biggest signs it is time for a rebrand. The clients you attract are incredibly reflective of the branding you have. If you are finding that you are landing clients but they aren’t your dream clients, this is a sign that there is a disconnect somewhere in the way your business is being presented. Perhaps you’re not accurately portraying your mission that would better align with the values of your dream clients. Or maybe the visuals you’ve chosen don’t appeal to the audience you are trying to attract. Whatever the reason, this should make you consider rebranding options. 

Your brand needs to be created with your dream clients in mind. When I work with my clients, the first 60% of the brand identity process is spent getting to know their dream clients inside and out. We even conduct market research phone calls to really nail down what it is their dream clients are drawn to. Then we create a brand tailored to them. This ensures that my clients are attracting the people they ACTUALLY want to be working with

2. People are confused about what you do.

First impressions are critical, so you want it to be fairly easy for your ideal clients to come across your brand and have an immediate idea of how exactly you can help them. Because your ideal clients are being bombarded with information on a daily basis, you don’t want them to have to spend time digging to figure this out. 

Think about it like a book cover. Your ideal clients are skimming the self-help section of the book store where hundreds of other books are available. They don’t have all day to read the blurbs and first few pages of each book, so they rely on the covers to attract them and give them a general idea of what the book is about.

This is the same way your branding works. Your dream clients are expecting your brand to get their attention and tell them what it is you do within the first few seconds of encountering it. If your brand isn’t doing this, it could be time for a rebrand.

3. You want to raise your prices and your brand doesn’t reflect your new premium tiers.

Have you ever compared two companies that sell the same product for two very different prices? The company that charges the higher price, often has branding that is reflective of that price. The branding is usually more “luxury” and “high-end,” which registers with the consumer that the product/service is also luxury and high-end, justifying its higher price.

Depending on how much you want to raise your prices, it may be time for a rebrand. People are more comfortable with a higher price tag when the brand presenting it looks like it is worth the price being asked.

4. Your current brand doesn’t reflect the business you want to become.

You know the saying “show up as the person you want to become?” Well, the same goes for your business. Part of the process of growing into the business you want to become starts with looking the part. This builds confidence, it lets your audience know the direction you’re heading, and it sets the stage for your future success. 

To figure out if your brand reflects the business you WANT to become, take some time to reflect yourself. What are your business goals? Where do you want to be in a year? Five years? This will help you determine if it’s time to rebrand. 

When my clients and I work together, we go through a whole session where we just focus on your business goals and mission. That way we can be sure the brand we develop will serve you in a way that lets you accomplish those goals.

5. You aren’t confident in your current branding. 

While this is the last on the list, it is just as important as the other four. If you are not confident in your brand, it’s time to consider rebranding. Why? Because you are not as willing to shout about your business from the rooftops when you aren’t confident in your branding. Also, others can tell when you aren’t confident in your brand which makes it a lot harder for THEM to be confident in it. 

Whoever you hire to develop your branding for you should work to marry your personal style, your business goals and mission, and the visuals that resonate with your dream clients. This will land you with a brand that you feel represents you and that you know will deliver you the results you’re looking for. 


Rebranding is all part of running a business. Being able to identify when it is time to do so can help propel you into the next stage. It is normal to notice any one of these five signs. It’s up to you to take action when you do.

I offer complimentary consultation calls in which I help other women business owners identify what they can be doing right now to improve their branding and attract more of their dream clients. If you feel like you’re experiencing something that is hinting at you to rebrand, go ahead and book a call here. I will help you figure out your next steps so you can keep working to accomplish your goals.

5 Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Business

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