4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

April 8, 2021

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As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s easy to feel like you have to wear all the hats. You’re the head of the marketing, sales, and the fulfillment department in your business. Over time, this can really start to take a toll. You might be feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain burnt out.

When you start to feel this way, one of the quickest and most effective ways out is to hire help. Here are four signs it’s time to hire the help of a professional graphic designer in your business.

1. You’re Spending a Ton of Time Designing Things for Your Business

While the look and feel of your business is an important part of its functioning, it is not the only part. Unless you are running a design business, a majority of your time should not be spent designing. In fact, your time would be better spent prospecting and getting on calls with potential clients. If you’re finding that you are spending a bunch of your time on Canva trying to create graphics and documents for your business, it could be time to hire a professional graphic designer. They have far more experience and can produce projects at a much faster rate, meaning you will not only get more of your time back, but you’ll also wind up getting more finished projects in hand.

2. Your Projects Don’t Feel Quite Right

Similar to spending too much time on your designing, another sign it’s time to hire help is that your creations don’t quite feel “right.” You work on them and work on them and they still feel like they are missing something. This feeling is normal. If you aren’t trained in design or the arts it’s easy to feel like you’re missing those final touches that take your designs from DIY to professional grade. Hiring a graphic designer will help fine tune your work and develop collateral that is clean, professional, and on brand. This will help tie up any loose ends in your creative department and have you showing up as the best looking business you can be.

3. You Want to Up-Level Your Business/Start Charging More

If you are ready to up-level your business and increase your pricing, this could be another sign that it’s time to hire the help of a designer. How you show up in your business plays a big role in what you are able to charge. Hiring a professional graphic designer will improve your image, help you be consistent, and start to build your brand as an authority. A professional graphic designer will help you look the part so you can confidently show up with a competitive edge.

4. You Feel Like You Have No Idea What You’re Doing When it Comes to Graphic Design

Have you ever heard of zones of genius? We all have one and yours just might not be in the realm of design. This is okay! While it may seem like you have to do everything on your own, especially as you’re starting out, you will soon learn that growth will happen for you much faster when you seek help. By hiring a professional graphic designer, you are able to apply your focus to YOUR zone of genius, allowing you to move the needle a hell of a lot farther in your business.

Don’t let design be the reason you dread showing up in your business each day. When you find yourself getting frustrated or burnt out creating graphics and other elements for your business, it’s time to hire help. Like I said earlier, you are likely running a lot of the departments in your business which means there is very little mental space for overwhelm. Admitting you could use some help, and then hiring that help will work wonders for you and your business. It’s a big step, but one worth taking. 

If you’ve been experiencing any of the signs above, click here to schedule a VIP Design Day with me. We will go through and knock out as many of your design projects as we can so you can get rid of the overwhelm and get back to enjoying your business.

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